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Choosing subjects can influence what your want to study at a college or university, as well as your career goals Every learner's life is changed during the ninth grade.

At the beginning of high school years, things start to get serious for the young fellows who suddenly realize that they have to make life-changing decisions related to their future career, from choosing which subjects to enroll in to choosing which college major to join in university.  

When it comes to big questions and critical decisions like these, you can’t risk letting them slip. You have to be very cautious during this tough phase in your life. This is why Dulleni brought you a detailed guide that will aid you through this whole process. 

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  • Plan early

Planning early for your future is important especially when your future decisions affect your present decisions. From high school, IGCSE students need to start thinking of which IGCSE subjects to choose in order to be accepted into their dream universities. This early planning saves you much time and effort as it keeps you away from the risk of taking courses that are not related to your dream major. It also highly decreases your possibility of shifting careers in the future. During this early phase, you must always consider which subjects are aligned with your interests, passion, and most importantly, your future objectives. Planning helps you in different ways. It allows you to have a clear vision of your future and by doing so you will be able to build attainable objectives. Moreover, it allows you to take control of your life and the actions you are willing to make, instead of being at a complete loss not knowing what you are supposed to do in your life. 

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  • Future Careers

After finishing your high school journey, the time comes to choose your college major, you start to think about what you want to do after graduation, the job of your dreams that you want to spend the rest of your life doing, 

Many people are having difficulty deciding on a major after high school due to worries about future employment opportunities and the extinction of some jobs. Knowing what fields are going to be the most in-demand and popular in the future will help you plan your college major choice in the best possible way.

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  • Career Choices

What aspects should be kept in mind when making career plans? Well, there are SO MANY things to take into account when making a career decision. It's a decision that weighs heavily on you when you're young. What if you choose incorrectly? What if you find that you ultimately dislike the job you had high hopes for? Dulleni has made this process a lot easier for you to calm your nerves.

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Choosing a career path can be both incredibly exciting and extremely overwhelming. Some people are already aware of their career path and what they were meant to do. The majority tries to fit into the available career options. Choosing a career path is crucial to succeeding in the professional world whether you have graduated or not.

Choosing a major is a big decision that needs time and research before choosing, therefore try planning it out as early as you can and discover the interests that best suit you.

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