Top 5 highly demanded jobs in the next 10 years

Nothing stays as it is with the development of technology and science. Since we live in a fast-paced jobs market. Here are the 5 top new highly demanded jobs.

Nowadays people are most concerned about the highly demanded jobs in the market, rather than just choosing jobs that fit their skills and capabilities. This is because we all agree that committing to a job that will no longer be in demand in a few years, is a real waste of time and resources. So, it is very important to do your research and find out which jobs are the most attractive to consider and which will actually fill a gap in the industry and at the same time fits your personality. Here are the top 5 highly demanded jobs in the next 10 years.

  1.   Data Analyst:

If there is one field that has grown exponentially in the last decade, it is data analytics. Big data is more than just a term; it's a flourishing industry with attractive potential for new graduates. Indeed, the estimates for professions such as computer and information research scientists (which also includes data analysts) are among the best available.

Data science is also a promising subject for women who want to tear down barriers and break through glass ceilings in a historically male-dominated business. According to a Forbes report, women hold only 26% of data science occupations. Luckily, there are excellent programs available to help modify these statistics. Females Who Code is one such program that provides clubs and immersion programs for girls in grades three through college. The curriculum teaches girls about the exciting world of computer science and how to break into this dynamic industry on their own.

  1.   Dentists and dental hygienists:

People still need to go to the dentist regardless of how the economy is doing. As the baby boomer generation ages, they will require more dental care. The same is true for the health-conscious millennial generation.

To begin a career as a dental hygienist, students will need an associate degree in dental hygiene. Over the next ten years, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts 11% annual growth in this key profession. A bachelor's degree is required for a career as a dentist, followed by a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) or Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry (DMD).

Dentist careers are predicted to rise by 7% by 2028, with a 2018 median income nearly double that of a dental hygienist ($156,240 as a dentist against $74,820 as a dental hygienist).

  1.   Cyber security experts:

As the world has gotten increasingly digital, so has the demand for cybersecurity. Data breaches are a major concern since they expose both customers' and businesses' private information. With so much at stake, it's no surprise that businesses are ready to pay a premium for someone to safeguard their data. A bachelor's degree in computer science, information technology, engineering, or another relevant field is the best way to get started in cybersecurity.

  1.   Alternative Energy Installers and Technicians

Whatever your feelings regarding climate change or the continued use of fossil fuels, there is no doubt that the role of alternative energy in the globe will grow. Whether through greater wind energy use, expanded solar power use, or the development of new electric vehicles, alternative and renewable energy are large fields with practically endless untapped potential.

One of the most intriguing aspects of alternative energy professions is the variety of opportunities available. Construction, engineering, installation, and alternative energy research are all viable employment options.

  1.   Artificial Intelligence:

Instead of worrying about a robot taking your job, what if you were the one designing the robot? Artificial intelligence is a dynamic and developing field with a wide range of jobs, from robotics engineers to natural language processing to artificial intelligence researchers.

The artificial intelligence sector has a lot of space for expansion because it is such a young and intriguing field. Furthermore, it can be a very profitable career. According to the New York Times, top researchers at large corporations are earning six-figure salaries. If you want to work in AI, you'll need at least a bachelor's degree, but a master's degree in computer science is advised if you want to be placed in one of these larger roles.

To conclude there are many jobs that are very crucial to the world as people will always rely on and need them no matter how long time passes. So, it is very interesting to consider these jobs as one of your options in the future. In the end, no one wants to commit to jobs that will be shortly demanded in the future.

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