Jobs that will disappear in 2030

you will be shocked when you know that many jobs that you thought will stay forever will disappear by the year 2030. That's why you should really consider it while choosing your college major.

The world is evolving so fast, and so are the jobs. As the world moves forward, we will keep witnessing jobs that will disappear make sense to stay in the market so these jobs will disappear soon. For example, we can all agree that there’s no more need for typists and mail carriers when we have computers and the internet perfectly replacing them. Of course, it is sad to see many people lose their jobs when they are no longer capable of competing with the rise of technology, but it is just the reality that we all must face and prepare for. So, we brought to you some of the jobs that will probably disappear in the upcoming years so you can eliminate them from your future career goals.

  • Bank tellers

As banks nowadays tend to invest more in digital banking services and technologies, it is expected that soon the jobs of bank tellers will disappear. Artificial intelligence will take place by performing many of the daily banking services including receiving payments from customers, giving loans, and recording deposits.  

  • Translators

Machine software is already advanced enough as it can provide a high-quality translation that is nearly accurate. They help translate words, phrases, and sentences in a no-time manner. So, it is no surprise that actual translators/interpreters might probably vanish in the near future as they are replaced by more efficient tools.

  • Customer service

Artificial intelligence is allowing chatbots to perform many or most of the tasks performed by customer service agents as they answer users’ inquiries directly and quickly. Most of the information needed by customers is basic enough that they don’t need an actual human to answer. So, it is logical for automatic chatbots to take place, especially for how cost-effective they are.   

I know it might be a little frustrating to read this, especially for someone who was interested in working in previous fields, but it is not as bad as it seems. This change in the industry will give you the chance to explore new opportunities and new career fields that will save you from working in the traditional fields that you have always known. You’ll get the chance to leave your fingerprint and become one of the leaders in the new industries.


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