Career fields that will shape the future

New careers are emerging every year , there is no doubt that technology and market changes are evolving by time.Here we got you the latest career fields in the market that will help students change their choices.

Transitioning from high school to university is becoming a very challenging decision as finding career fields for most young fellows who should choose the college majors that they want to enroll in. Nowadays, the world’s pace is moving so fast in a way that makes it hard for anyone to feel stable or confident in any decision that you want to make concerning your career or future. Everything is becoming so unpredictable and dynamic. That’s why it is completely acceptable if you feel overwhelmed, reluctant, and uncertain at this point.

Among all the available choices, you must choose one major that is promising to prosper in the future and at the same time fits your personality and interests. You should learn about yourself and unlock your true potential, as well as learn about all the new majors that are promising to be in high demand in the future. This is the perfect batch that will guide you to making the most accurate decision. let’s start by deeply exploring together the top fields in the market that have been lately introduced to many universities’ degree programs.

Environmentalism and climate change:

There will likely be a significant demand for scientific and engineering degrees in the near future. A whole branch of engineering, known as environmental engineering, is devoted to dealing with climate change and resource depletion. It's plausible to anticipate a significant increase in related professions as firms and governments spend more on green technologies.

Future environmental challenges indicated that fields like public health and economics could be immensely beneficial to future generations. Changing our economies to increase sustainability and better combat climate change will be viewed as a major concern, as well as addressing the detrimental consequences of environmental change on people's health.

Artificial intelligence and Robotics:

It is claimed that artificial intelligence is about to undergo a revolution. The necessity for specialized engineers is highlighted by the expanding importance of innovative technology. A large number of universities offer highly regarded degrees in artificial intelligence. Of course, there are countless other possible uses for this technology.

Studying AI can lead to a wide range of opportunities because it is already employed in industries such as finance and banking, business, defense and security, and transportation. And just as we'll need graduates who can produce AI, we'll also need graduates who can research them and come up with solutions to any potential risks associated with their use.

The same can be said about robotics engineering, a more recent field of study that was previously highly unusual but is now commonplace. In the not-too-distant future, robots are expected to do a large number of already existing tasks. This makes a profession in robotics engineering a rather secure alternative for anyone looking to secure their future!

Gaming development, video games, and digital media:

Thousands of people play video games on a regular basis, making this one of the biggest recent changes in the entertainment sector. This industry is rapidly growing in a way that outweighs the movie and music industries. Even virtual reality, a long-running concept in science fiction, is quickly moving from fiction to reality. 

As for social media and the digital world, it is an industry that is very quickly evolving as more people turn to be more aware of this field’s importance. It is a suitable option for people who are searching for a fast pace and interesting work environment. 

So, after exploring the top largest evolving fields, you should walk away from the traditional way of thinking and the old fields by considering the more futuristic industries to be one of their leaders. It is essential to have a long-term vision instead of sticking to the present moment. Regardless of all the new majors we just discussed, picking the one that's right for you is highly dependent on what type of personality you have. Dulleni offers the MBTI personality test which helps you choose the major and career field that is most appropriate for you.  


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