Job opportunities that fits Introverts, extroverts, and ambiverts

Every one of us has our own character. whether you are an introvert, extrovert, or even ambivert search for a job opportunity that will bring out that suit you.

When choosing the best job opportunities for you, you must consider many factors. One of these factors that many people neglect, is who you are and what personality type you have. Being an introvert or an extrovert is a very special personality trait that highly affects the way you choose your future job. Your level of introversion and extroversion reflects on the work environment you like to be surrounded with, as well as defines your work style, your skills, and the kind of energy you radiate. Which one of them are you? And what job fits you the most? Let’s tackle this together.

1)     Introverts

You usually generate your energy from spending your time alone. It is the moment when you thrive the most, and become the most productive and creative. You enjoy thinking and coming up with resolutions in your own way, without the need for team support. In the workplace, you radiate a special kind of energy that differentiates them from everyone. You are a good listener around your colleagues, as well as you enjoy a calm and peaceful work environment. When in leadership positions, you tend to highlight your team’s strengths and accomplishments, instead of just showing off your own achievements.

Job opportunities

-        Editor

-        Writer

-        Scientist

-        actuary

-        Graphic designer

-        Content manager

-        Executive chef

-        Software engineer

  2) Extroverts

You are naturally an outgoing and friendly person who makes the long time at work feel more bearable as your company is fun and enjoyable. You are effortlessly able to make conversations with your colleagues as you don’t mind constantly engaging with them, which makes you great team players. You enjoy being the center of attention as it charges you with self-confidence and self-esteem. Your social personality type makes you a great team leader as you are able to assist and guide others in the right direction using the best communication methods.

Job opportunities

-        Event planner

-        Human resources

-        Teacher

-        Salespeople

-        Social worker

-        Financial Advisor

3)     Ambiverts

You enjoy spending time alone, but you equally enjoy being surrounded by people. You need a balanced proportion of both moods so you can function properly in life. You can easily communicate with people, but you also like to observe others and hear what they have to say first before you initiate a conversation. Your ambivert personality type makes you able to adjust properly to changes occurring with different circumstances and settings. You don’t mind crowded or calm work environments, as well as you don’t mind working alone or as part of a team. you make successful leaders who are able to deal with different personality types.

Job opportunities:

-        Marketing Manager

-        Creative director

-        Nurse

-        Actor

-        Public relations

-        Advertiser

In conclusion, no matter what type of personality you have, by utilizing your personality traits and your strengths, you can excel in whatever industry that fits you the most. Know yourself and understand what personality trait distinguishes you the most. You can also use Dulleni’s personality test to guide you in this process. Lastly, no matter who you are, all different personalities need to have common skills and basics in order to flourish in their career paths.

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