The importance of personality test and finding your Career fit

Personality assessments are beneficial because they discover individual strengths, It helps individuals determine where their skills are utilized effectively. Individuals who have a better understanding of their personality can find careers and places that fit them. Dulleni will help you find your way through

What are the basic factors that draw you to any job? Is it the Job description, the benefits, or the team spirit?

It's completely normal if you don’t know exactly what is your career fit or what you want to pursue. The possibilities are ENDLESS!

While all of these are important factors in job satisfaction, research shows that personality fit is the most important. The more your personality traits match with your profession, the more productive and positive your job performance will be. 

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When deciding which careers are right for you, Personality tests and career assessments help you discover your abilities and flaws as well as your qualities, interests, and skills.

While your strengths will be a guide for you to decide on which career paths will be the perfect fit for you, knowing your weaknesses as well will help you identify areas that need improvement. You can then build a plan to identify these gaps in your qualities. There are different jobs for different characters and personalities. Consider introverts and extroverts. Extroverted people grow in a social, customer-oriented workplace, whereas introverts succeed in independent, analytical tasks. These characteristics predict your success in a role as well as your compatibility with others.

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The right career path will make you stand out and help promote greater motivation, ultimately higher job satisfaction, and a long-term succession plan.

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Why should you take Dulleni’s personality test?

For your job to be truly fulfilling, you must be fully engaged in what you do.

You can’t be passionate about your job if it doesn’t fit you. And you won't know what you like unless you become self-aware of your Interests. It's hard to realize your full potential without self-knowledge. 

Dulleni knows how long this process takes, therefore it provided the MBTI personality test on the website to make the process easier for people to know themselves in depth, reducing career shifts and demotivation. 

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Reaching your desired fields

The right field will push you toward your success. Once you know what career you want to pursue you should know how to get there.

Personality tests are now the best helping rope to know your career preferences 

Many students will spend hours searching for jobs online in the hopes of finding the perfect match. While there is nothing wrong with looking for work, reflecting on who you are first may provide clarity so that you can explore with purpose and refine your search.

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Knowing your personality and deciding the right career path, you should also, learn about the fields you want to work in by doing research on them, looking at professionals in those fields, doing research, and, if possible, trying to ask specialists in those fields for advice.

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