The Importance of choosing the right IG Requirements.

IG requirements vary from university to university, there is a lot of subjects and requirements that every IG students needs to consider. This blog will help you capture the right requirements to your chosen university.


You are at an age where you are still discovering yourself, your interests, values, weaknesses, and strengths. There are various IG requirements and subjects. Each university requires specific grades. You are also being exposed to a lot of pressure especially from parents during choosing the IG subjects, they can be overly involved in our academic lives which can be a hectic thing to deal with. Let’s assume, you are struggling with Math, but your parents are convinced that you should be an engineer. Considering taking advanced-level Math is probably not the right thing to do, you would be much better off doing something else that you can add value to. 

Why choose the right IG Subjects

  • Saving time and effort

Imagine the amount of time and effort you would save if you have a clear view of what IG subjects you should enroll in. You won’t have to go through the headache of taking subjects that won’t be of use in your college requirements. A late or wrong decision may involve additional classes to catch up. This can result in having to add an extra session or year to be on the right track and reach your desired major.

  1.   Avoid confusion

There are numerous subjects from which you can choose. It's very common to find yourself overwhelmed by the number of options and not knowing the exact subjects and grade requirements for all Egyptian universities with different fields that can suit you.  What is important is to think about it thoroughly in order to select the subjects that best align with your objectives.

  1. Reaching your goals faster:

Choosing the right subjects can help you discover new interests, strengthen the skills that prepare you for university, and pursue specific career paths. Trust me, when you are passionate about something, you will invest time and effort in it to excel in that field which gives you a huge push on the right path.

How to choose the right IG Subjects

The MBTI personality test will be the solution to this problem. Think of it this way, you take the test, know exactly what you like and then pick the IG subjects based on the test results maximizing the chance for you to have a perfect career path.

It will be very useful in transitional moments like this to help you understand your personality in depth and determine a career path that is perfectly tailored for your unique characteristics. plus an Interest test that will help you know more about your likes and dislikes. These two will help you reduce any career shifts and make your journey a lot easier. Our goal is to  guide you and put you on the track

As we mentioned above, we really know the struggle that you are going through, we all have been there but it's time for a change. That’s why Dulleni gathered all the IG subjects and requirements to help you select the right subjects for the right college. If you need one place to make this hectic process a lot easier.

Dulleni is here for you. It also provides you with the professional interest and personality test to know more about yourself and what major is the best fit for you.  It’s stressful to make such a life-changing decision. But don’t worry, we got you!

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