How you can be your child's career guidance

Parental influence on the career decisions of children is a complex and often difficult issue. There is no universal agreement on how to manage the effects of parental influence.

Finding the right career path is so important. Choosing the right career requires a lot of work, since teenagers sometimes lack direction toward their goals in life, they frequently choose jobs that they later find unsatisfying. You must be your child's career guide at this moment. Let's talk more about the role of parents in career choice.

Encourage your child to choose his career

Your child has the right to choose: Every child has the right to live their dreams and choose their career.

Support, but don't hover: Raising up and supporting your child as they follow the path to their ideal careers You give them support, but they are the ones reaching for alternative options.

Identify your child's strengths: Knowing your child well will enable you to better guide him in his career choice by supporting him in recognizing their strengths, skills, and interests.

Role of parents in career choice

  • Discover your child's skills and interests 

    Think together and start knowing your child's interests. You can discover more about your child's interests and skills and evaluate what they are capable of by asking them the questions below to get a general idea of their interests.

  1. What are your favorite school subjects?

  2. What are your personal qualities? E.g. Are you a good listener? Do people come to you for advice?

  3. In your most recent school report, what did your teachers tell you that you excelled at?

  4. What things can you “just do”? E.g. cooking, coming up with ideas, and art.

  • Know your child's personality type 

Although there are many different personality types, the two most common ones are extrovert and introvert types. Your child may belong to one of these.

- Extroverted children are more likely to: Think out loud - Talk to themselves - Jump right into an activity - Learn by doing - Look around them for an activity to participate in - Respond quickly to a question - Act, then think (or think while taking action) - Be energized by activity. 

- Introverted children are more likely to: Think quietly, without speaking - Need to get away to solve problems - Feel drained by lengthened activity - Observe from the outside before interacting with something - Pause before answering a question- Consider an idea quietly before talking about it - Feel irritable around a lot of stimulation.

  • List your child's top 3 jobs 

Pick three positions that your youngster finds most appealing from the list of occupations you have made. One method for achieving this would be to rate each role on a scale of 1 to 5, then choose the parts with the highest ratings and repeat the process to reduce them to 3. Once you have selected your top 3, begin to investigate the various entry points for these professions in more detail. 

  • Plan career paths for these jobs

Look at Dulleni career page it will help your child in understanding the career path for each job, the skills needed for that job role, the average salary, and the tasks for that job

  • Match your interests and skills to the chosen career path

The next step is to identify fields and the opportunities that exist inside them. You can be sure you're on the right career path by following the career that best matches your interests and skills. Not only that, but it also offers you a lot of benefits. Look through the Career fields of the Success at School website and make a note of any positions that appeal to your kid because they fit with their interests and skills.

It is essential to provide your child with career guidance because it will enable him to better understand himself by discovering their interests, skills, and personality type. This will significantly help him choose the best career path to start, enabling him to succeed and live a better life. if you're interested in learning more about your child's personality. We recommend taking the MBTI personality test.

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