Align your future career path to the major you are choosing now

Young people lack an understanding of their personality. This influences their educational decisions, such as selecting high school subjects or deciding on a career path.


We can not deny that the Internet and technology have connected the world, allowing people to have audiences and control over thousands of people even when making decisions, most of the younger generation's personalities have weakened and they lack the interest in understanding themselves and identifying their desires, leading to a higher confusion in determining their goals and choosing the most appropriate career path based on their skills and what they love, We'll talk about how to figure out your future career path depending on what you choose today, and how understanding your personality and interests can help you make better decisions.

How does choosing your high school major affect your future career

Many students struggle with deciding what major to follow in high school. The best strategy is to first figure out what’s your dream job, then figure out which college will allow you to do it, and finally which major to enroll in. By using this backward strategy, you will have a full picture of which major to attain. However, there are a few things you should be aware of before implementing the strategy or making any decisions. you have to understand your personality and know your interests, skills, weaknesses & strengths this will hugely help you in knowing what career that best fits you.

Steps for identifying your future career

First, you must learn more about yourself, including what you like and dislike, as well as your interests and skills. Second, you must identify a clear job in order to understand the gaps you must fill in order to achieve your job objectives. If you want to reach your goals and achieve professional job titles, you must be aware of what skills you need to gain, what certifications you need to obtain, what college to enroll in, and what internship you can join. The biggest advantage of defining a future career for yourself is that you know where you're heading, so you can start your career sequence early and accomplish your career goal sooner, you'll succeed in life faster and live the lifestyle you deserve.

How knowing yourself can positively impact your future career path 

If you have a better understanding of your own personality, you will be standing on solid ground. planning your whole life Knowing yourself will push you forward in your future career, develop relationships, and highlight your main goals. Dulleni will help you find your way through the MBTI personality test which is designed to further understand your personality.  Besides the interest test, to learn more about your personal preferences, with the two tests aligned with each other it comes to complete our main purpose in discovering you effectively and guide you in developing your future career path.

These steps will help you in identifying your future career journey that matches your interests, thoughts, and personality as People spend half their lives at work It's a continuous loop that stays with you for the rest of your life, Only then we can promise a happier and more fulfilling career path that suits your interests and your personality that is our mission at Dulleni.


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