Avoid these parenting mistakes when you are guiding your child

It's okay to make a few parenting mistakes at first. That's why you should focus on not repeating these mistakes again, you can easily guide your child to choose the right career over time.

Parenting is difficult. No matter how cautious and alert we are, parenting mistakes are unavoidable. Both parents and children, however, have a lot to learn in the process. Learning from our mistakes and experiences will enable us to provide a healthy upbringing for our children. Though there is no set of guidelines for proper parenting because every family upbringing is unique.

That's why Dulleni provides you with this small parenting guide about the most common misconceptions that parents do when guiding their children with their career choices and how to avoid these problems.

1) Comparing your kids with their peers

It's super common and too easy for parents to fall into the trap of comparing their children to siblings, peers, or family members. This may lead your children to believe that there is something fundamentally wrong with them because they are unable to meet these expectations. On the contrary, the only person that our children should be compared with is themselves. Through different stages of their life to see the improvement and a better version of themselves.  

2) Putting society as a priority:

'How will society react?' For some parents, this is extremely important. In order to please society, they force their children into career fields that they have zero interest in, This puts them under pressure and obstructs their success. It is preferable to remove yourself from societal concerns and allow your child to pursue their dreams. Every child is unique and has different interests and choices. Rather than holding them back and restricting them with few options, as a parent, you should discover and encourage their passion and interests.

3) Good Grades don’t mean being a Doctor or an Engineer:

How many times have we heard about parents forcing their children to get into medical or engineering school just for the sake that they got high grades and that they have the chance to be in either field? You may be unaware of the numerous career options available to them. Many unusual jobs have emerged as a result of the new technological era, in which your child may find themselves in. So put this doctor-engineer perception aside and consider other options carefully. Your child can achieve greater success than being a Doctor or Engineer.

4) Parents “supposedly” know what is best for their children:

Parents frequently believe that they know what is best for their children. It’s not the usual case as parents are also affected by their own background and experience which may not always apply to their children’s generation. A better option is to communicate with your children and try to understand their perspectives and find a common ground between you and your children. 

You care deeply about your children and want the best for them. Giving your children space to be active participants in their own development is one of the most important gifts you can give as a parent. As parents, you must understand your role and the importance of exposing your child to the various opportunities available to them and supporting them in whatever career field they choose.

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