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Dulleni’s mission is to help you explore your abilities and strengths, talents, and qualities aligning them with available courses, programs, and later on career through the MBTI personality test and interest test.



What is Dulleni

The teenage years are the most confusing years. During these complicated years, you need to have hope. You need to understand life; what you want to do, and how to cope with your wants. Dulleni’s mission is to help you explore your abilities and strengths, talents, and qualities aligning them with available courses, programs, and later on your career through the MBTI personality test and Interest test. We also suggest job matches based on your interests, aspirations, workplace preferences, and personality. You wouldn’t like to end yourself in the wrong job,  would you? you'll be wasting half your energy hating it, and you will waste your career and your life.  You need to be smart when you are making a decision about your future. That’s why Our aim for you is to be confident and informed about career choices that fit your personality to plan the required subjects and the most suitable University program accordingly. 

Do you know what Dulleni means? It means to lead me and assist me to find my way. Dulleni is not the typical educational website that you could come upon when Googling. It is an educational consultant website that helps you better understand yourself and pick the proper school major, which finally leads to the ideal job. It is a long-term service that attempts to improve Egypt's and the Middle East's society, economy, and educational system.

MBTI personality test

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a tool commonly used by individuals to understand their communication preferences and how they interact with others. We chose the MBTI personality test in particular because we believe it helps to adapt the interpersonal approach to different situations and subjects. There are 16 different personalities: analysts, diplomats, guardians, and explorations Once you have undergone the personality test and received the results,  your personality score will show you the most appropriate career for you and the major to achieve that career. Don't worry, all the details are at your fingertips.

Interest test 

Your interests will tell you more about who you are and what suits you. They provide the information you need to make the right career choices. Obviously, your interests indicate what you like and the profession you are interested in. If the profession you choose is related to these interests, you will find much more joy in your work. Most interest tests display a list of two activities at once. Then, through Dulleni, you will understand which of these activities represent you most, and based on this, you can truly represent yourself and your personality in pursuit of a more successful path. 

Career with Dulleni 

When choosing a career, over time, choose a job whose education and experience are likely to make you an expert. You will probably work in this area for at least a few years. Narrowing down your career path is one of the most important decisions you can make. Some people ask for advice from a career advisor, but what if your career advisor is easy to reach online? Dulleni helps you find the right career path and plans to reach your goals, get the best jobs in your desired career area, and help you realize the average salary for each job and your position. You will have different positions, you can choose what you like, and if you haven't decided yet, you can make an appointment with our professional advisor to help you. Through Dulleni you will have knowledge of your background, the skills you already have, and what you like and dislike. All of these influence your decision when choosing your career.

Education with Dulleni

We believe that the education path is based on your tastes, strengths, and weaknesses. Differences can be related to various elements of the learning process, such as information absorption, understanding, memory, and memory. Education plays a big role in your life, especially from k10. Whatever you decide to stay with you for a really long time, what's the point of choosing the wrong major? You deserve to enjoy and love studying as it will also affect your future career. No one deserves a miserable life due to wrong choices or the influence of others. This is your life and you need to master it. Before it's too late. Completing both your interests and personality tests will give you a deeper understanding of which majors you should major in at school and which college majors are best suited for you and your personality. There are multiple options and you cannot choose from just one. To avoid confusion, you can hold an online counseling session with an education professional to ask for more help and answer all your questions and thoughts. We believe in you, and you should also believe in yourself

Together we can really make a difference. Dulleni is here to help you create your future and completely change your life not only in education but in your career and life in general. Remember that the first step to success is to understand and appreciate yourself.

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